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When posting a vegan service, product, place, or event in Meetup, a facebook group, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, etc... this information gets buried in a feed. The information may be hot for a minute in that isolated forum but it's inaccessible to those looking for it later. Some groups may pin to the top of their feed spreadsheets, PDF's, or docs that list local services, products, and places. However this is still not uniform, comprehensive, or readily accessible to the public that needs quick, uniform access to it.

Originally the main idea was to make it easy to list and find skilled vegans. This way we're confidently investing in someone who will in turn use that money compassionately, essentially creating a vegan economy. Of course a directory enables us to be more than just a place for skilled vegans. We are also a community of varied vegan and vegan friendly entities and happenings. All of this makes vegan options more accessible and makes our community stronger. In turn we improve the quality of life for vegans and accelerate the vegan movement!


My name is Jeff Adams. As far back as I can remember I have always had a passion for helping others. In the early 90's I went to college to study psychology. For 15 years post grad I worked in human services mostly as a mental health counselor with violent and aggressive youth. Starting in the late 90's, on the side after work and on the weekends, I was getting deeper and deeper into more creative digital work like database development, website design and videography.

Around 2000 I started, with a programmer friend, a website directory called StartAParty. This was my first website and directory project. I had dabbled with databases prior and wanted to take that organization to the internet in a fun and creative way. In 2004 we regretfully took StartAParty down and started a side business called neofilm.

Around 2007 my passion for media development and marketing was noticed by my peers at work in human services. As a result my day job evolved into a Marketing Director position of a very large and diverse human services agency. In 2011 I decided to go full time with my business, neofilm. Around the same time my wife and I became vegan.

I initially became vegan for two reasons. First my doctor told me that I should probably get my cholesterol a little lower. My wife was already going in the vegan direction and she turned me on to Gary Yourofsky's "The Most Important Speech You Will Ever Hear". From that point on we were vegan.

It was hard at times being a vegan the first 6 plus years in southern rural barbecue country. There were moments when it was so challenging I just broke down in tears. I thought for a moment a time or two "what if I'm wrong, what if we need to eat meat, eggs, and dairy. Even if I am wrong I don't care. At least I'll die in peace knowing I saved thousands of animals from torture and slaughter." Don't get me wrong, I lost visceral fat, I was healthier, there was just a couple challenging moments mostly due to social reasons. And I wasn't absolutely certain how healthy I was until I had my blood work done in late 2017.

Becoming and Advocate

Being vegan is easy when it comes to what not to eat. Just don't eat anything that smiles, has a mother, or a face. More specifically a vegan diet is no meat, eggs, or dairy. It wasn't until late 2017 that I really knew "what to eat".

In October of 2017 I started walking for exercise. I realized I wasn't getting enough and felt a little chub developing around my waist. During my walks I spent at least an hour every day listening to various Doctors about nutrition. Then one day I realized just how great Dr. Greger is along with his amazing work at NutritionFacts.org. Through their incredible efforts in assimilating all of the nutritional science they can get their hands on year after year and disseminating it into an enormous online library of bite size meta-analysis videos-coupled with their Daily Dozen app-I learned about a Whole-Food, Plant Based Diet. I was hooked!

I was so hooked I just had to share this wealth of knowledge with others! Prior to learning about a whole-food, plant based diet I was hesitant about even thinking of advocating. But when I started learning how the leading causes of death are directly attributed to lifestyle, most notably what people are eating, I knew I had to do something to get this out and be a more significant part of this movement. I had been learning so much and wanted to share this with as many people as possible. So, I began organizing all I was learning into a website called VeganWalk.com. At Vegan Walk I share the health, ethics, and environmental reasons to go on a whole-food, plant based vegan diet. I also do videos on various topics and cooking videos.

I knew Vegan Walk was something I had to do. The better I was getting at eating whole-food, plant based the better I was feeling. My blood worked evidenced that I was healthier at 44 than I was at 37 years old. I was getting healthier while friends and family were getting sicker. I wanted to make it easy for them to know "what to eat" and why.

Taking It All the Way

The more I learned about the need for us all to go plant based the more I just had to advocate. The more I became an advocate the more I realized my life would have to change including my business, neofilm. Some of my dearest friends and most significant clients are restaurateurs and not at all vegan. I was now faced with the dilemma of not being able to bring myself to take another photo or vido of an animal product, even if it means losing business.

In 2018 I decided to do everything in my power to immerse myself in the world of veganism. Despite living in perhaps one of the least vegan locations on the planet I just had to find a way to only work with and for vegans. So I started searching and reaching out to more vegans, vegan places, vegan and vegan friendly food and drink businesses, vegan organizations, web based vegan things, and veg events. I just had to surround myself with veganism and capture all I can.

One weekend in early March, 2018 my family and I volunteered at Changing Heart Farm. In the middle of developing blisters and acquiring poison ivy I just had to pull out my cameras (see video here). And just prior to that I started building their website. They really appreciated what I was doing for them and I loved doing it! Then a few days later a new vegan pizza restaurant opened called “Garlik” in Horse Shoe, NC. I knew right away I had to cover this place. So I contacted the owner and she invited me to come do what I do. Her and her husband had really put their all into starting this place. I could really tell over the phone they could use all the help they could get. And I wanted to do all I could without charging her. So I kept asking myself, literally for days, “how can I offer my services for free? There must be a way!”

Then the next thing you know these connections led me to an screening for “The Last Pig” hosted by The Humane League of Charlotte. I was now working with them to cover this event by taking photos and videographing the discussion panel after the screening (see it here). Now I’m basically their go to videographer and have since covered other events for The Humane League and have more awesome events to cover for them!

By the time May of 2018 rolled around I had built this site, volunteered and covered (video, photo, blog) Changing Hearts Farm twice and started a website for them, covered Sanctuary Brewing, Garlik Vegan, Ma Ma Wok, Plant, Eatery 17, The Last Pig Discussion Panel, covered Charlotte Vegfest Jr., Vegan Sundays Farmers Market, Living Kitchen, Asheville Vegan Society, Kindly Geek, covered Jane Velez-Mitchell, filled in/volunteer work for film crew for Jazzy Vegetarian, and more! On top of that I'm keeping advocacy going through VeganWalk!

Since around year 2000, for about 18 years one of the digital things I've dabbled in and always wanted to really do was run a directory website. I always thought it would be fun to populate one with the rich media content (videos, photos, and virtual tours) I love to create. Then one morning I resisted the urge to keep doing the usual aimless creativity and was still asking myself "how can I offer my services for free?" Suddenly it all came together! Start a vegan directory! Maybe others will want to help me by listing in the directory and whatever money I can generate from that will cover me so I may exclusively offer my video, photo, website, and VR Tour services to vegans only and for free! And joining the directory is an advertising expense, which of course is a tax write-off