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Students with Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) at Berkeley presents the 2023 Animal Liberation Conference!
The Animal Liberation Conference is an annual event that brings together the most dedicated and motivated animal rights activists from around the world and empowers them to take bold, collective action to achieve revolutionary social and political change for animals!
Every single day, billions of animals are suffering and the planet itself is in crisis. The violent and exploitative industries responsible for the mass death and destruction we are witnessing may have money and power, but they are terrified of what we have: truth, compassion, and hope.
We know that we can and we are creating a better world because we have seen the direct impact of our activism. This past year, DxE grabbed national headlines with sports disruptions and introduced groundbreaking legislation against factory farms. Many individuals are alive today because we were able to rescue them and tell their stories to the world, individuals like Lily and Lizzie who were saved from Smithfield. We have made cracks in the system and hope is shining through. In the recent Smithfield trial, a Utah jury supported Lily and Lizzie’s Right to Rescue, and if we continue taking bold action together, we can enshrine rights for all animals.
People come to the Animal Liberation Conference from around the world because they believe in this vision. We are laying the solid ground of solidarity across movements and planting the seeds of change. We know that truth has deeper roots than shallow, profit-driven lies, and that together, we can expose the truth to the light. It is absolutely critical that we organize and take bold, collective action to stop the mass torture and killing of our fellow animals and the planet. The more people who come together, the wider our ripple effect will be. We can shape the future together. We can heal the planet and heal humanity.
If you want to create a better world, a world in which all slaughterhouses are shut down and factory farms are converted into animal sanctuaries, a world in which all life can survive and thrive, join the movement at the Animal Liberation Conference. Come to be inspired. Come to find support. Most of all, come to take action because animals and the planet are depending on you.
The Animal Liberation Conference 2023 will take place June 9th – June 14th in Berkeley, California. All are welcome to the conference, including those who are new to activism or animal rights. You must register to attend. Registration will open on December 1st. We aim to have over 1,000 activists at the conference!
The Animal Liberation Conference is hosted by Students with Direct Action Everywhere at Berkeley
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