Kindness is a much-needed quality in the divisive world that we all live in. However, with all the politically motivated violence, global manipulation of our minds through social media; the sexual exploitation of innocent children, and the gross criminal behavior of politicians and the ruling elite, who can seemingly get away with murder, you would be right in thinking, “this is no time for kindness! We need judgment on these assholes.”

However, although this is certainly true and warranted, the fundamental quality of kindness is what feeds our souls, and therefore, it is critically important that we not neglect this trait.

One can be a stern disciplinarian while being fair, balanced, and compassionate. My guru taught me: “You have to be a lamb at home, but a lion on the chase.” He drove home the point that these seemingly polar opposite qualities can co-exist, and indeed they must, in a peaceful, prosperous, and free society.

The problem with all of the chaos is that it would be easy to assume that that is all that is happening, “There is no good left in the world,” you’d lament. And this is exactly what those that wish to divide us, want you to think.

“Divide and conquer” is one of the fundamental rules toxic leaders abide by. It is the most effective tactic used by psychopaths all around the world to control the masses.

So the polar opposite of this tactic is to unite — to look past those superficial things that divide us, and to resonate with the underlying core value that animates us all — our spiritual oneness. You see, we are all energetically connected, woven together over vast stretches of space and time by a unifying singular energetic signature that unites us all. We are all uniquely individual but powerfully united as a whole ecosystem.

It is the singular characteristic of kindness that encapsulates the connectedness of spirit. When we act and speak in kindness, we tune our consciousness to the Source frequency and send out a clarion call that is understood by one and all.

Kindness is the real superpower we all possess. The one inherent quality that every one of the 99% of us who struggle under the despicable hands of government and corporatocracy can always draw upon. We have that power and we need to use it.

When we think of kindness, we typically envision a Boy Scout helping an elderly person across the street, or someone offering food to the hungry. These are all acts of kindness with the hands. But the most powerful and impressionable acts of kindness are those that are expressed with the tongue.

Let me explain…

According to all established wisdom traditions, the tongue is the gateway to unlocking our higher consciousness. The tongue has two functions: vibrating and tasting. The words we speak and the food we place on our tongues will have a tremendously powerful impact on our consciousness.

The Bible says: “The tongue that brings healing is a tree of life, but a deceitful tongue crushes the spirit.”

So essentially, what I am sharing here is that if you wish to unlock this superpower of kindness, it begins with mastering the tongue.

It is ludicrous to talk about the importance of kindness if our tongues are not acting in kindness. Ask yourself: Is my food an expression of kindness? Are my spoken words infused with kindness? If not, make changes to achieve that ideal. The more we can act, talk, and speak in kindness, the more we can unlock this superpower within us.

As spiritual beings having a human experience, it is critical to understand your true nature as qualitatively like a God. We are literally like sparks to a great fire. Little gods if you will. We have the same inherent qualities of God but lack the quantitative depth of the Supreme Godhead. We are super powerful by nature, but due to contact with physical matter, we have lost touch with that truth due to a false ego identifying with physical form.

Once we can shed this false ego and embrace our divine nature, only then can we live a life driven by purpose.

It is by embracing kindness in all our actions and words that this shift of consciousness starts to take place.

Try to be kind always. And again, the secret is in mastering our tongue!

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