Give Thanks Without Killing Animals!

A couple days before Thanksgiving I received a message from Arwen Carlin. Arwen is an activist that works with the Asheville group for Direct Action Everywhere, DXE (also see Wayne Hsiung) and Brother Wolf. Arwen inquired to see if I would help cover the banner showing over highway 240 in Asheville during rush hour. The banner said “Give Thanks Without Killing Animals”.

I gladly accepted her invitation and invited a friend to tag along. We used a couple cameras to capture various vantage points. The plan was to do this until one of two things happen; it gets dark or the police make us stop.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that most people were giving us peace signs, thumbs up, or just waving. It was also nice that the police didn’t bother us. I created two versions of the video. One version is one minute long and can be found both on our instagram and Twitter profiles. A longer version, about 6 minutes, can be viewed here:

Author: vegan

Hello! My wife and I have been vegan since 2011. We've been on a whole-food, plant based diet since 2017. Switching to a whole-food, plant based diet and studying nutrition galvanized us into activism. As we learned what to eat and why we began to realize that this was the healthiest option for most if not all of our friends and family. We couldn't be passive about this. So in the beginning of 2018 I started pouring all my available time, money, resources, and skills into veganism. From this VeganLinked was born! Going vegan has been the best thing we've ever done for our self and the world. We hope you'll join us in this adventure together! Live long, live strong

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