Jane UnChained

Today was crazy awesome! The night before I was working until 5:30 am on VeganLinked.com troubleshooting some last minute changes with the developers. I had no idea I wake up I would be endorsed by a celebrity!

I slept in a lot later than I anticipated. Despite all that sleep I didn't feel too good having my schedule so out of wack. I noticed my wife, Sarah, had called and left a message.

Sarah is working 3rd shift this week. But she was asked to help out in with a cooking show for Jazzy Vegetarian at Sanctuary Brewing in Hendorsonville, NC. I wanted to go but I just couldn't put down VeganLinked long enough the night before to get up in time.

When I called Sarah back she said they were needing me because the crew couldn't make it to the set. But, she said it was too late. She had left me a message at 10:30 am. It was like 1:45 pm now. After we got off the phone I sent her a text message and said "are you sure...". Well, they double checked and next thing I know I'm putting my computer to sleep and hitting the road to Hendorsonville!

It was POURING rain. I was anxious to get there because I realized that it was Jane UnChained who I would be shooting! I arrived at 3:20 pm sharp. I didn't think the entire place would be applauding my arrival when I got there but they sure did, lol!

There was all kinds of awesome, compassionate vegans there. Jane flew in from California of course. There was also Shannon with here amazing 7 year old son VeganEvan who you have to check out and follow. I had the privilege of getting him in front of my camera for a minute and I was blown away by how brilliant this little guy is!

I also got to meet a few other vegans, like a vegan real estate agent and both of the owners of Sanctuary Brewing Company who I've really only met in passing before.

We setup and shot the video they needed for the cooking show pretty quick. They nailed it! Then Jane inquired a bit about what I do. When I told her about VeganLinked she lit up stating that's something she's always wanted to do or at least see happen. So, she jumped on it and endorsed it proudly both in front of my camera and again in front of her facebook live feed where she has over 800,000 likes and followers! If you're not already following her go there now and "like" Jane Velez-Mitchell on facebook. She also has a website here: JaneUnChained.com.

Above is the video of Jane endorsing VeganLinked. Below is awesome VeganEvan telling everyone why they should be vegan! Enjoy and share!

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