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By joining you become a “User” with a “Profile“. Add a profile picture and banner to your profile! As a user you may add various Listings, Events, Posts, and Interact throughout the site. Please contact us if you have any issues with submitting this!

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Username is also your profile URL so please keep it short and related to your name rather than a business name. Add a listing after you join for your business, services, or events. This cannot easily be changed.

Your Vegan Story

Selecting Year, Month and Day is required. Approximately when did you go vegan?

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This helps us know the best way to spread the word.

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Password must be strong (beween 6 and 30 characters) otherwise you will not be able to submit this form.


Your user profile is a chance to more personally connect others with “who you are” and showcase your activity on VeganLinked. After you join you’ll be taken to your profile. Add a profile picture and a banner image that represents you as a person and that will complement your vegan story.

Editing Profile

At any time when you’re logged in you may edit your user profile in your profile’s “account”. In your account you can change your password, access notification settings, change privacy, adjust messaging settings, etc. Please contact me if you have any questions!

after joining

After joining you can:

  • Create Blog Posts
  • Create Topics in Forums
  • Create Listings & Events
  • Subscribe to Forums & Topics
  • Comment, Rate and Reply to Blogs, Forums, Listings, and Events
  • Add Friends
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  • Message Users

For example, you may like to archive and share your favorite recipes on your profile and in the ad free blog. You likely have some skills you may want to showoff or something to promote by creating a listing under “Professional” and/or “Organization” and/or “Places” and/or “Shop & Learn” and/or “Events”. Or maybe there’s a hot topic you want to see covered in our forums. You can recommend a forum or add a new topic to an existing forum.

Build Your Vegan Community

Creating posts and forum topics give people more reasons to use and share the site. As the site grows it exponentially becomes a more powerful tool. Eventually the blog ad forum will be a useful way to respond to others with topics and posts that address their curiosity or concerns.

Listings link to the author’s profile automatically. Listings can manually link to other listings. For example, an organization can cross link with professionals, events, etc… that are associated with each other. This helps organize and promote your efforts further and how everything can get VeganLinked!

If an organization is having a lot of events I can even make a special category for them under events. This would be another way to showcase their work via a landing page of those events in addition to their Listing & Profiles showcasing their listings.

You can even create listings for others that they can later claim. This really helps build up your community fast. And because your profile shows on listings you own it promotes you further.

Reach out to others and say “Add a listing (or event) on VeganLinked.com!”. Once your community has grown you can even share your city or state slug. For example, https://veganlinked.com/locations/united-states/north-carolina/charlotte/. You may even like to buy a domain name to forward to your city, state, category, or tag slugs URL like I did forwarding VeganCharlotte.com to the long URL.

Have fun growing your vegan community and helping us cultivate, coordinate, and accelerate the vegan movement!