• Plants Aren’t Food

    Plants Aren’t Food

    Are Plants Food? “Plants aren’t born food?” the commenter says. Another commenter says “we aren’t plants”. Another commenter says “we’re made of protein and fats”.  Yet, if the plants were gone the animals would die; yet, if the animals died the plants would continue to flourish. However, they do benefit from being consumed because this … Read more

  • Vegan Voices

    Vegan Voices

    Vegan Voices is an anthology of 50 different authors sharing their vegan stories. Vegans are “a voice for the voiceless”. This book offers a glimpse into the lifestyles and diversity of this global movement toward a vegan world. People from all walks of life are embracing veganism. This pervasiveness is a testament to the universal … Read more

  • les-ateliers-narada-france


    Hola ! Les Ateliers Narada is a creative space in South of France where we do Art Retreats but also OPEN TO ARTISTS AND VEGAN CHEFS WHO NEED A SPACE TO DO WORKSHOPS , we do have the facilities to accommodate up to 6 guests and have tuition to 20 people in our picturesque 500 … Read more