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  • Paul Rodney Turner

I turned vegetarian at age 16. I became a monk at age 19 and remained a celibate renunciate until I was 33. In 1995, I founded and directed a charity called Food for Life Global, which was already the world's largest vegetarian food relief I grew this project over the next 30 years to 65 countries. Soon after founding this charity, I became aware of the horrors of the dairy industry and became vegan at age 35 in 1998. Soon after, I made an official policy that the only affiliate projects that Food for Life Global would support would have to be vegan. In 2013, I released a book called FOOD YOGA - Nourishing Body, Mind, and Soul. In 2024, we rebranded the charity as Food Yoga International to highlight the food philosophy of the charity and our mission to unite the world with pure food.