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  • Hana Hrstkova

There was a number of events that pulled me into veganism. I stopped eating meat after a duck that someone brought to my home as a present got defrosted in my freezer during a black out. The freezer didnt turn on and so three weeks later, upon my return from holidays, I had to clean this disgusting scene. I said to myself “do I not need to be cleaning rotten cadavers from my fridge”. It clicked. But my change was not immediate. I went from not bringing meat my home fridge to eating meat only when dining out to not eating fish to vegetarian. Then I got tired of having meals covered up with white fluid everytime I ate out. People did not know how to cook without dairy and were not understanding when I wanted veg dish without any kind of maternal milk in it. Most dishes were covered in white. “If I cannot explain it I ll go vegan”, I thought. I did. It was then that I started slowly discovering what vegan means. Besides I was studying for my masters in environmental policy and it made no sense to say I am an environmentalist without being vegan as well. I was also participating in buddhist retreats. Spiritually it made no sense to consume animals and their suffering. Although one may decide on the spot, becoming/being vegan is a process “of awakening”.