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  • Kimberley Rumburg

I was eating mostly a plant based diet since about 2015. In October 2019 I was diagnosed with Salivary Duct Carcinoma, stage 4 ( Metastatic L parotid adenocarcinoma) with Her2 over expressing. It's a rare and incurable cancer. I went full on vegan, knowing it was the healthiest choice I could make because I had no plans to die. I haven't looked back. I'm not raw vegan. I eat raw as well as cooked. I and my oncology team know that I'm alive today in part due to my vegan diet. I was supposed to die within a short time. The cancer had already metastasized into my liver. It's no longer in my liver and while I have health struggles and am still in treatment (chemo and immuno every 3 weeks) I have more energy than many of my friends who are supposedly healthy but not vegan! I make food that non-vegans love as they struggle to believe it's vegan! I love my plant based diet and I really love all it's done for me