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  • Maggie Dr. Schauer

I am a psychotraumatologist and have seen mentally ill humans chained to concrete walls (just like cows) in several countries of the world. I have worked with survivors of rape/impregnation held captive in prison (war) camps, in trafficking situations or child pornography when pregnant having their babies taken away to to be sold (just like cows). Even rebells eating human flesh grilled over campfire (smells just like meat). I have worked with survivors of torture which is extremely horrifying and so similar to what we do your fellow animals. Humans can be incredible cruel. We do not have the right to hold another being captive, exploit them, make them suffer in the worst ways and kill them, just as we do with our fellow human beings. Our NGO vivo international works to overcome and prevent traumatic stress and its consequences within the individual, the family as well as the community, safeguarding the rights and dignity of people affected by violence and conflict for the development of peaceful, human rights-based, societal ways of living. Vegan living is a fundamental way to stop violence.