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  • Amrit Bl

I had been on the vegan "journey" subconciously all my life but went vegan maybe 16 years ago and have never looked back.
It was while on a train journey from London to Lancashire, I noticed the cows in the fields were all uniform sized and questioned it with my partner, which got us thinking about what truths are hidden about "farm" animals.

Later that day , we met my partner's family in a Beefeater for a meal and on checking out the menu this time, more consciously and aware than ever of what each meal actually was, I declared to the whole tribe loud and clear that I was now vegan and will happily eat a plate full of carrots to shut them up should they come with the "what are you going to eat-carrots?" question.

Now I'm a seasoned vegan and very pleased with myself for all such achievements.

Oh, since then, my partner and some of his family have gone vegan and we have a teen who was raised vegan.

And we are niw wwoofing on a veganic food forest, off grid, low till, no dig, no single use plastic farm.