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  • Jeff Adams

I became vegan in 2011 after watching "Best Speech Ever" by Gary Yourofsky! Right before I went vegan I had my blood work done and my total cholesterol was high, 168. I was also getting sick like allergies twice a year. It was causing drainage accompanied with weazing and infections which was why I got my blood work done.

6 years after going vegan I had to know my bloodwork. It was down to 125! I wasn't sick that entire time. And I had only removed animals and their secretions. I did nothing else.

For that first 6 years I only knew what not to eat but really didn't know how to eat until 2017. I started studying nutrition a little and learned about a whole-food, plant based diet and how it's the healthiest.

When I realized no one needed to eat animals at all (unless they're in extreme desperate circumstances of course) I also realized it was likely hurting everyone; the slaughterhouse worker, the consumer, the health care system, zoonotic disease, on and on....
I became very intrigued by nutrition most notably. If the healthiest way to be is vegan then why kill animals at all?
So, now I have devoted my entire life to learning what I can about nutrition, advocating, and capturing other people's vegan stories for vegan linked. ❤