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  • Susan Sparks

I grew up on a small farm in the midwest, we had cows, pigs, sheep, chickens, lots of cats, and a dog. I knew all about the process of raising animals that eventually were loaded up on a truck and...we know the rest.
I was the county fair queen and champion beef showman, but on the flip side, I remember the sadness I felt when that champion steer was loaded onto a truck.
In my college years, I announced I was a vegetarian to my family, that didn't go over well. It was like I had just denounced our way of life. However, my father - a hard working fit man who never drank alcohol or smoked, died of a massive heart attack at the age of 51. He looked so healthy, but we ate meat, eggs, and dairy at nearly every meal. Fast foward five decades and I watch The Game Changers. My next meal was vegan and I never looked back. I know most people can't change that quickly, but I did. I've witnessed several family members and loved ones struggle with heart bypass operations, the fear, the pain. I want to spare others (and yes, myself).