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  • Ted Coakley

I have never went vegan, but I've been mostly mostly vegan for about 25 years (as of writing this in June 2024)

I don't claim to know for sure if we humans should not kill other animals for food, even though many other animals do it, BUT .... I am SURE that we should NOT be forcing animals to live a life of torture (which is how MOST MOST MOST animals raised for human consumption are raised).

Because of this realization sometime in the mid-90s, and even though I really enjoy eating meat which I grew up eating, I have been 95% (or more) vegetarian since then.

Even though I haven't had the strength and whatever wherewithal to go fully vegan myself, I SUPER appreciate everyone that does, I support vegan and vegetarian causes, and I seek to continue doing so, so I appreciate this website!