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My Vegan Story :
I grew up working at my dad's Italian sausage factory and eating the SAD diet. Then when I was about 20 years old I saw my good friend loose 100 lbs by switching to a nutrient dense plant-based diet. This was my "a-hah" moment! After seeing this transformation I became obsessed with researching how food affects our health. Meanwhile, I was still physically and mentally addicted to sugar, salt and processed meat. I wanted to learn how to cook and eat healthy but didn't know where to begin. At the time I was also a producer for television so I decided to apply this skill set to my mission to learn about eating healthier. I created a cooking show called Trying Vegan with Mario where I invite vegan experts to teach me how to cook their favorite recipes. I created Season 1 of Trying Vegan with Mario and it took off with really surprising early success. Today I spend my time learning as much as I can about cooking and health foods. I am constantly working on new segments to inspire non-vegans to try eating vegan and learn through my transformation.