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My Vegan Story :
Hello! My wife and I have been vegan since 2011. We've been on a whole-food, plant based diet since 2017. This opened up an entirely new world of foods that I learned to love and appreciate more than ever and new foods I never knew existed!

Switching to a whole-food, plant based diet and studying nutrition galvanized me into activism. As we learned what to eat and why we began to realize that this was the healthiest option for most if not all of our friends and family.

We couldn't be passive about this. So in the beginning of 2018 I started pouring all my available time, money, resources, and skills into veganism. From this VeganLinked was born!

Going vegan has been the best thing we've ever done for our self and the world. We hope you'll join us in this adventure together! Live long, live strong