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My Vegan Story :
I became vegan in 2011 for ethics, environment, and health. I began advocating in late 2017 after learning about the health benefits. Since then I've been studying as much nutritional science, attending events, learning how to cook, volunteering, and basically dedicating my life to veganism. After my first 6 years being vegan I just need to know more about what to eat, not just what not to eat. Time permitting I started following doctors online relentlessly. I research through various sources and I believe this will continue until the day I day I enjoy so much. Early 2018 I started VeganLinked. Vegan Walk is for advocacy. VeganLinked is for already vegans. However, I am considering blending the two to bring my efforts together rather than have them divided. Thank you for following me and joining me in this adventure through life as we strive to make the most of it, in the least harmful way.
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