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  • Rebecca Gade Sawicki

ey! I’m Rebecca the creator of Veggies Abroad. During the pandemic, like so many people, I took time to re-evaluate my career — I wanted to find a way to align it with my ethics in hopes of making this world a tiny bit kinder.

But I struggled to find a fit.

So, what does any college-educated person do during a global pandemic? Well, they leave their full-time career of 15 years and start a vegan travel blog, of course!

Initially, I thought this would just help me pivot my career, but it's turned into much more. The blog focuses on showcasing mouthwatering lineups of vegan food, action-packed travel guides, tips, and everything else a veggie-traveler would need!

On top of that, it has forced me to learn many new skills — SEO, digital marketing, Word Press — and improve others — writing, communication, and PR. All of which helped me launch an array of consulting services. I hope to use my skills to amplify the voices of ethical businesses and organizations making a difference in the world. Maybe that could be yours?