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  • Katie Bezou

I opted for a vegan lifestyle a few years ago after my Dad suffered a heart attack and I wanted to dive more into health, I then learnt about the animal abuse and environmental factors.
I am now the Community Manager for We are a kids nutrition company in the UAE, serving science-backed healthy plant-based food to kids and promoting one plant-based meal a day. We have an app about to launch which will serve as a dietitian in parents pockets. Helping them make better food choices for their children, backed by some of the leading plant-based pediatric dietitians. All in the aim of getting children to eat more plants, more fiber and reduce lifestyle diseases in later life with proper education so you don't have to be a scientist to understand a nutrition fact label! We are reaching out to global vegan communities such as yourself to get as much support as we can to make plant-based living the norm for the future generation! Please feel free to reach out to me for more information and to see how we could collaborate with you. Thanks so much in advance for reading.