Skilled Vegans


Daniel Donato






Grey Plant Based Drippin

Plant-based News, Food and Lifestyle Expert, PR and Events, Podcast Host

Teja Ray Shankara, Vegan Writer For the Animals

Editor & Proofreader

Chef Yah-I

Vegan Things

Vegan Activist Training Coordinator


Morathi Howie

Creative Compass – Vegan Marketing Agency

Louis Eagle Warrior

Sailesh Rao

Vegan Video Producer

Voiceover Artist and Podcast Host

Brandon Nelson

D&R Improvements

Plant Based, Vegan, Wellness Visibility Strategist

Marketing Consultant

Vegan Splitz

Mathematician, Data Analyst, and craftsman

The Content Doctor

Sustain Nutrition Co. | Vegan Nutritionist

Vegan Rob and Vegan Carrie

GINGALLEY | Web. Design. Print.

Austin Retzlaff – Author, Writer, Editor, Designer, Video Producer

Writer, Nonfiction Editor

Vegan Evan

Arrivederci Pizza

Let’s turn your vegan website into a success story!

Vegan Couple

Rent-A-Renovator LLC

Alkaline & Vegan Nutritionist

Vegan Vocalist

Thomas Wade Jackson

Vegan Parenting Educator, Speaker and Author