Vegan Voices

Vegan Voices is an anthology of 50 different authors sharing their vegan stories. Vegans are “a voice for the voiceless”. This book offers a glimpse into the lifestyles and diversity of this global movement toward a vegan world.

People from all walks of life are embracing veganism. This pervasiveness is a testament to the universal truth at the core of veganism. We all want to see love and compassion prevail. And every day is an opportunity to live in line with this and the only way to achieve true integrity inherent in self actualization.

These videos are just a few faces behind some of the many authors of Vegan Voices. The purpose of these videos is to encourage more people to read about these journey’s and reasons for being vegan. In turn we hope to inspire others to embrace veganism and help us achieve a healthier, nonviolent, more sustainable world.

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How Vegan Linked Got in the Mix

When Jeff Adams of Vegan Linked heard about the project he approached Dr. Joanne Kong about videographing some of the authors. She loved the idea so with her help Vegan Linked traveled to 8 states and 19 different cities to videograph these authors pitching the book. In the process we captured a lot more content for future projects we are excited to share. Subscribe to the so you can be the first to see when we have awesome new vegan content!

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