Vegan Voices

Vegan Voices is an anthology of 50 different authors sharing their vegan stories. Vegans are “a voice for the voiceless”. This book offers a glimpse into the lifestyles and diversity of this global movement toward a vegan world.

People from all walks of life are embracing veganism. This pervasiveness is a testament to the universal truth at the core of veganism. We all want to see love and compassion prevail. And every day is an opportunity to live in line with this and the only way to achieve true integrity inherent in self actualization.

These videos are just a few faces behind some of the many authors of Vegan Voices. The purpose of these videos is to encourage more people to read about these journey’s and reasons for being vegan. In turn we hope to inspire others to embrace veganism and help us achieve a healthier, nonviolent, more sustainable world.

Dr. Joanne Kong

Dr. Joanne Kong is the compiler and editor of Vegan Voices, and speaks around the world as a vegan advocate. She is featured in Legends of Change, a collection of stories about vegan women changing the world, and has been praised for her TEDx talk The Power of Plant-Based Eating and the video An Urgent Plea for Healing: Cherish All Animals. Dr. Kong is currently a faculty member and sustainability advisor at the University of Richmond in Virginia.

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Victoria Moran

Listed among VegNews magazine’s “Top 10 Living Vegetarian Authors” and voted PETA’s “Sexiest Vegan Over 50” in 2016, Victoria Moran has written thirteen books, including The Love-Powered Diet, Main Street Vegan, and the international bestseller Creating a Charmed Life. She hosts the award-winning Main Street Vegan Podcast, produced the 2019 documentary A Prayer for Compassion, and is director of Main Street Vegan Academy, training vegan lifestyle coaches and educators. The title of her essay in Vegan Voices is “Veganism, Yoga, and Me.”

Clifton Roberts

Clifton Roberts was the Humane Party’s first-ever presidential candidate and served as the party’s staff coordinator for two separate rotations. He is recognized for his visionary, transformational plan for lasting peace, prosperity, and believes any country’s promise of freedom, peace, and prosperity is deeply rooted in its government’s ability to be honest, transparent, innovative, and compassionate. In Vegan Voices, his essay is titled “The Hearts of Nations.”

Ryan Phillips

Ryan A. Phillips has been an animal rights activist for nearly a decade. He has spoken to thousands of students at universities around the country while introducing them to his family members—Charlotte, Pumpkin, and Millie the pigs; Jenna the cow; and Beatrice the chicken. He loves spending time walking his animal family in Colonial Williamsburg. Ryan currently runs Life With Pigs Farm Animal Sanctuary and the Facebook page Artfully Vegan. In Vegan Voices, Ryan’s essay is titled “Artivism for the Animals.”

Hope Bohanec

Hope Bohanec has been active in animal protection and environmental activism for thirty years and has published the book The Ultimate Betrayal: Is There Happy Meat?  She is the projects manager of the national nonprofit United Poultry Concerns (UPC), the host of UPC’s Hope for the Animals Podcast, and the executive director of Compassionate Living, a California-based vegan advocacy organization. Her essay in Vegan Voices is “Thirty Years of Radical Compassion.”

Rebecca Moore

Rebecca Moore is founder of the Institute for Animal Happiness, a chicken rescue that also creates vegan awareness and educational opportunities in the Hudson Valley of New York State, including Hudson Valley VegFest and Kingston Animalia, a “vegan arts uprising.” The title of her essay in Vegan Voices is “Evolutions and Revolutions in Caregiving.”

Dr. Will Tuttle

Dr. Will Tuttle is author of The World Peace Diet, editor of Circles of Compassion and Buddhism and Veganism, author of Your Inner Islands, and recipient of the Courage of Conscience Award and the Empty Cages Prize. Since 1985, he has delivered 4,000-plus live-audience presentations encouraging compassion and vegan living in all fifty US states and over fifty countries worldwide. In Vegan Voices, Dr. Tuttle’s essay is titled “Zen and the Art of Vegan Living.”

Rae Sikora

Rae Sikora has been a spokesperson for other species and the environment for over forty years. Her interactive critical-thinking trainings and talks have been presented around the globe. Rae is the co-founder of The Institute for Humane Education, VegFund, Santa Fe Vegan, and Plant Peace Daily. The title of her essay in Vegan Voices is “There Is No Other.”

Gwenna Hunter

Gwenna Hunter is the creator of Vegans of LA, Vegans for Black Lives Matter, and Health Campaign. In addition, she is involved with the Animal Save Movement; she manages the Mutual Food Aid program, working with the Downtown Crenshaw Coalition, and the Los Angeles Health Save Campaign. Gwenna has resided in Los Angeles since July 4, 2014, having previously lived in Cleveland, Miami, Charlotte, Texas, and Atlanta. The title of Gwenna’s essay in Vegan Voices is “The Power of Isis.”

Krissi Vandenberg

Krissi Vandenberg became an ethical vegan in 1995 and is currently the executive director of Vegan Action, based in Richmond, Virginia. She has presented on vegan-related issues at festivals around the country. Krissi is also passionate about feminism, human rights, nature, and the environment.  Her essay in Vegan Voices is titled “Positive Activism for Lifelong Change.”

Larry Weiss

Larry Weiss is a retired attorney who practiced law in California for thirty-six years, first as a criminal defense attorney and then in the field of animal law. Larry specialized in the defense of animal activists. He believes that the exploitation of animals is a branch of the tree of dominance that exists within our society. Larry wrote a poem in Vegan Voices, titled “Vegan.”

Dr. Neal D. Barnard

Dr. Neal D. Barnard is the founder of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM). Additionally, he is an Adjunct Associate Professor of Medicine at the George Washington University School of Medicine in Washington, DC. He opened the Barnard Medical Center in 2016 as part of PCRM, with a focus on diet and preventative medicine.

Brenda Morris

Brenda A. Morris has spent years figuring out how to make a difference for animals using investment dollars in the most efficient way possible. An ethical vegan since the early nineties, she has been a coordinator for the Richmond VegFest since 2003 and an active member of the Vegetarian Society of Richmond for many years. Brenda has presented the concept of humane investing at veg fests around the country. Her essay in Vegan Voices is “Humane Investing: Creating a Better World.”

Mary Finelli

Mary Finelli is the founder and president of Fish Feel, the first organization focused on promoting the recognition of fishes as sentient beings deserving of respect and compassion. Mary has worked with various animal protection organizations, primarily focusing on farmed animals. She produced Farmed Animal Watch, a weekly online news digest, and co-wrote a chapter of In Defense of Animals: The Second Wave. Mary’s essay in Vegan Voices is titled “Swimming Against Ignorance and Cruelty.”

Jesse Tandler

A writer and educator for over a decade and a half, Jesse Tandler began teaching high school students about the ethics of our food culture in 2008. During his PhD work, he continued to include our treatment of animals on the syllabi of his undergraduate classes at the City University of New York, where for five years he taught philosophy, literature, writing, and rhetoric. He currently teaches food politics at UCLA. Jesse’s essay in Vegan Voices is titled “What Kind of Person Am I?”

Nancy Arenas

Nancy Arenas is a vegan advocate and speaker, certified vegan nutrition coach, and the founder and organizer of Red & Green VegFest Albuquerque. Her newly formed 501c3 nonprofit organization Sprouting Compassion will allow her to promote the vegan lifestyle full-time through events, programs, sponsorships, and donations. Nancy’s goal is to create a more compassionate and cruelty-free world. In Vegan Voices, Nancy’s essay is titled “A Journey to an Awakening of the Body, Mind, and Soul.”

Claudia Lifton

Claudia Lifton has been with the Factory Farming Awareness Coalition since 2015. Prior to working with FFAC, she traveled throughout Africa and Southeast Asia, working with locals to address concerns ranging from poaching, shark finning, overfishing, water access, animal tourism exploitation, to wildlife trafficking. In her free time, Claudia enjoys attending concerts and festivals, hiking, camping, and cuddling with rescued farmed animals at her favorite sanctuaries. “Stories of a “Bug Girl”” is the essay she wrote for Vegan Voices.

Nancy Poznak

Nancy Poznak is a health educator and the founder of BotaniCuisine: Plant-Sourced Dining Outreach. She has a master’s degree in health science with a focus on community health education. She founded BotaniCuisine to help increase plant-based/vegan food options in restaurants. Nancy organized Baltimore’s first Vegan Burger Smackdown in 2019 and founded Plant-Powered Meat Month, a promotion featuring restaurants and professional chefs. Nancy’s essay in Vegan Voices is titled “Awakening to Compassion across the Decades.”

Kit and Pete Jagoda

Pete and Kit Jagoda co-founded and operate River’s Wish Animal Sanctuary in Spokane, Washington. They care for approximately 140 farmed animals on their sixty-five-acre sanctuary with a team of extraordinary volunteers and supporters. The Jagodas advocate vegan living for ethical reasons. They wrote the essay “Sanctuary: This Is What Matters” for Vegan Voices.

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