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WFPBV stands for Whole Food Plant Based Vegan. WFPBV is an initiative to redefine Veganism so that it embraces plant based whole foods at it's core. As a vegan our compassion for all earthlings extends to all animals, including humans. Evidence shows that eating plant based whole foods is the best diet for preventing, treating, and even reversing heart disease (our leading cause of death for over a century) and many of our other leading causes of death.

What's Best for Us is Best for All!

It just so happens to be that the healthiest diet for us happens to be best for all other animals and the planet. Plant based whole foods are unprocessed foods. This is yet another reason they are the most sustainable and least invasive to the environment. They also require no consumer single use packaging. The more you learn about WFPBV the more you realize it's benefits on every level.

Saving More than Earthlings & the Planet

When we all switch to eating plant based whole foods the health care savings alone will be astronomical. And of course we will not need to force into existence ten times as many farm raised animals as there are people. Those resources can be reallocated to feeding humans instead, giving us the potential to end starvation globally. This will also free up the majority of agricultural land and water being used around the world. For example of how effecient plant based agriculture can be check out how fruitful the Netherlands is. And see how plant based foods can feed two to 20 fold as many people.

Good Health is Sustainable

It is only when we are the healthiest that we are the best we can be. Then we are most capable of educating and role modeling this way of living to others. And others will have more reason to change and keep the change as they experience the physiological benefits. In turn this saves more animals, including humans, and we are far less invasive on planet.

Closing the Knowledge Gap

Veganism was coined in the 1944 by Donald Watson, founder of the Vegan Society. A Whole Food Plant Based Diet was coined in the early 80's by Dr. T. Colin Campbell. In this sense the science is about 40 years behind veganism. Further compounding the issue is a phenomenon called "social lag" to science. WFPBV works to sync society with science, removing the social lag, by raising awareness toward evidenced based living. We do this through the eyes and lives of authorities on the subject; scientist, doctors, and those living as Whole Food Plant Based Vegans. Together we expedite the paradigm shift.

Media Volunteers

As creators who understand the benefits of WFPBV we give our all to create educational and inspirational content. We volunteer as much of our time as possible to the movement. We also understand the immediate need to frequently create the best content possible so we may eclipse the misleading promotion of animal based foods.

The Competition is Fierce

It is critical that the public become more aware of what authorities have to say. The Cattlemen’s Beef Board (CBB) will invest over $50 million into various programs for animal agriculture, including promotion. However, CBB is not an authority on nutrition, health, or the environment. They only benefit by making money to keep business going as usual.

The True Authorities

The true authorities are researchers and doctors who study nutrition and have the most clinical success. The organizations that benefit the most are health plan providers like Kaiser Permanente and Morrison Healthcare. They encourage and promote eating plant based whole foods: See Here!


Whole Food, Plant-Based Veganism is the best lifestyle for preventing irreversible damage to our selves, our fellow earthlings, and the planet. When we respect and nurture the well-being of all earthlings we achieve the highest sense and form of peace, love, gratitude, health, happiness, and community.


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