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I give my all to normalize veganism and accelerate this paradigm shift into a vegan world. My work is free and easily accessible to the public. If you like what I’m doing, here are some options for you to make a contribution toward helping me keep the site going and growing and cameras rolling.

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My name is Jeff. I started this project in 2017. VeganLinked is not a nonprofit entity. Up to this point I have been doing all this alone. Any money I receive helps cover basic expenses like travel. Meanwhile there are loads of other expenses like equipment, editing, website development & hosting, etc. I may never come close to breaking even. But for as long as I am able I vow to give my all towards helping accelerate the vegan movement. Thank you!

You may also or instead help by sharing the videos and this website. You can even help others join by asking them to join and then offering to create listings for them to come and claim later if they want. This is a great way to take this work and your community to the next level!

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