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It’s free to use the site and features. But because I do this alone on my own dime and time. So I wanted really need to offer a way for others to pitch in and help me take it to another level. Reach out if you want to do more or even something different. I give my all to help normalize veganism on the largest scale possible and accelerate this paradigm shift into a vegan world. Thank you for helping make me actualize this. Together we make a vegan world.

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My name is Jeff. I started this project in 2017. VeganLinked is not a nonprofit entity. Up to this point I have been doing all this alone. Any money I receive helps cover basic expenses like travel & website hosting. Meanwhile there are loads of other expenses like equipment, editing, website development, etc. I may never come close to breaking even. But for as long as I am able I vow to give my all towards helping accelerate the vegan movement. Thank you for helping me make all this happen!

You may also or instead help by sharing the videos and this website. And you help by joining to share your story, using the site as a tool to post, archive, and share your recipes, engaging in the forums, adding listings and events for yourself and/or others. You can also help by asking others in to join in person, online in facebook groups, comment sections of youtube videos, etc. These are just some of the many ways to get in the mix and lend a hand in this passion project. Thank you for helping take this work, your community, and this world to the next level!

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