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  • Dan Vrba

“Let’s start doing Meatless Mondays” my wife told me as I had a beer in my hand…”Ughhh, fine… I’ll give it a try.”

After a few weeks, I noticed I felt better after Meatless Mondays over any other day of the week (sadly indulging in Omnivore Meals)

So… I decided to give up Dairy for a few days… which turned into a week… which turned into a month… which turned into: “Damn, I don’t feel bloated anymore…”

That led to: “well let’s try more meat free days”… leading to… a few weeks… leading to “Damn I haven’t had meat or dairy in a month…” and my plant based journey began.

Now I say plant based, because that is a diet, or choice on how to eat.

It took me about 2 years to finally figure that out and understand what “being vegan” means…

Being Vegan is all about the animals. It’s about how you SEE them As beings and NOT animals, treat them ALL equal, and think about them as LIFE instead of PROFITS!