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  • Rowmelda Coward

I was a pescatarian for about 30 years. I tried to become a vegan; I didn’t understand what to eat, neither could I sustain the cost or the stomach for processed, packaged foods. Roll on several years and I was enjoying the beautiful green environment of a recent move to another country, it has been the medicine that i needed; hiking, swimming, camping, kayaking etc became part of my lifestyle.

…After a regular blood works check the doctor told me that my body ‘wants to be diabetic’ and that’s definitely NOT what I wanted to hear, given my family history … It was the beginning of the pandemic and my thoughts were that I will emerge from this as a beautiful butterfly …. I went down that rabbit hole; listening, reading and learning from all of the wonderful plant based experts and with their help, I renewed my health, my body, my mind and my zest for life! There is NO going back!