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  • Neal Freedman

I started for health reasons and everything about being a vegan has been catching on ever since. My overall health journey started about seven years ago when I was turning 50. To keep it short lets just say I abused myself my whole life up until then with food, alcohol, and drugs. I am a youtube junkie and got hooked on the keto videos and lifestyle. I did lose 70 lbs but still yoyo'd. I was thinking I was doing the best thing then to find out I wasn't. The transition for me as far as eating goes has been an easy one being I was already batch cooking once a week and love veggies. Now really loving plant based, whole food, trying my best with sos and at the very least keeping that part to a very minimum. Feeling good and still have some concerns that I am trying to figure out with doctors and specialists. I can definatly go on forever here with feelings (physical and mental) but can come back and add another time.
thank you..