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  • Taunya JOHNSON

I am a Registered Nurse for 31 years. I Have been overweight my whole life. I developed gestational diabetes 15 years ago. I feel compelled to focus on my longevity primarily for the sake of my son. I don't want to miss the major milestones in his life. I want to be a "Glam Ma"! I don't just want to be alive, I want to LIVE. I am currently prescribed Metformin, Victoza, Glucophage, Lisinipril, Simvastatin and Gabapentin. I need to get off these medications. I enjoy eating the fruits and veggies. I have been avoiding fried foods, bread, dairy, white sugar. I have issues with candies. When I eat them, I overeat them. I know I am doing better with food choices. I am 5 6.5 211lbs. Goal weight is 150lbs. I am convinced WFPB eating can help me reach that goal.