Terms and Conditions


VeganLinked intends on maintaining the highest standards to assist in actualizing the potential of the vegan movement and improve the quality of all lives. We forever maintain the right to remove any listing at any time. We forever maintain the right to refuse payouts to anyone at anytime. Affiliate programs are incentives and privileges. We may at anytime choose to end affiliate payout to any or all affiliates momentarily or infinitely.

Terms and Conditions

VeganLinked.com (A.K.A “we”, “us”, “VeganLinked”, “site”, “VL”) is owned and operated by VeganLinked.com and the owner of this domain name. Information herein applies to all listings on VeganLinked.com. You are the person creating, updating, editing, or managing in any other way a “listing” on VeganLinked.com. A listing may be an event, business, organization, individual, web-based entity, or any other type of establishment or expressed skill. When creating and editing listings by uploading and/or adding text or copy, digital photos, links, information, downloads, embeds, video, etc. (herein referred to as content) into www.VeganLinked.com you are assuming complete responsibility for that content, herein also referred to as your “listing” or “profile.

Legal Liabilities

VeganLinked is not liable in any way for any damages that may result from listings added to VeganLinked.com. We are not responsible for anything on this website. We only provide this site as a service to those that may want to use it and we are not responsible for how it may be used. If you have any problems please contact us right away so we may work to resolve your issue right away.

By creating a listing on VeganLinked.com you agree to the following terms:

  • You are the owner of the business, person, place, event, or content; or you have explicit permission to post on their behalf. If you are not the owner, you have created or used original content on their behalf with the understanding they may choose to claim the listing. Should the business owner claim a listing they are claiming any content you may have added. You are therefore relieving yourself of all ownership rights of said content giving the owner full permission to use that content however they may desire.
  • All information is absolutely true to the best of your knowledge. And you have made every reasonable effort to ensure the information is true. And this information is meant to promote the listing and/or VeganLinked in the most accurate way.
  • You have complete, explicit, legal permission to use all of the information, pictures, videos, etc… and all other content that you post on VeganLinked.
  • You completely assume all legal responsibility for the content that you put on this site. And, you or your business is liable for any and all legal damages that may result from content you upload or add to VeganLinked.
  • You will remove or change any content that is or becomes incorrect or violates these terms and conditions. If the content has been been claimed you will contact the owner of the listing to let them know the content is inaccurate or you will contact VeganLinked so we may resolve the issue.
  • You will maintain your listing(s) by insuring all information you post is as current and accurate as possible at all times.
  • You will immediately remove any content that anyone deems offensive. Or you will contact VeganLinked.com to request that we remove it.
  • To keep your listing alive and/or in good standing with us you must adhere to all of these terms and conditions and not be delinquent on any associated payments required by us at anytime.
  • VeganLinked may cancel your listing and/or delete all content on our site(s) related to your listing for any reason.
  • When you add content you give VeganLinked explicit permission to use the content for promotional purposes. All content added to VeganLinked becomes property of VeganLinked to recreate or use as is and share through any public outlet such as social media, other online sources, other websites, television, other advertising mediums, print, etc…
  • We are not responsible for maintaining or keeping your information, content, or anything you have created or we have created for you and/or your listing on VeganLinked.com or any of our other sites. We back up listings and the content we create but we do not guarantee it being available at any particular time or in any particular way.
  • If you want to cancel your listing you may delete it on your own free will, you are responsible for deleting your listing, not us. If you have trouble deleting your listing please contact us and we will try to assist you.
  • You may cancel your subscription payments at anytime. You are responsible for canceling your payments, not us. You will have to go into your PayPal, credit card account, or whatever method you used and cancel payments. We cannot and will not cancel your payments to us for you.
  • We may make your listing inaccessible to you and /or the public for any reason at any time. We do not guarantee any type or rate of accessibility to VeganLinked.com or your listing(s). Accessibility includes accessing the site or your listing from any device. In other words, at any given time for any reason the site may not be accessible. We are not responsible for any damages you may incur by loss of access to your listing or the site. We work very hard to provide the most secure, stable, safe, fast, accessible online service possible within our means. But, we do not guarantee this.
  • We do not offer refunds for any of our services. Once a payment is made it is nonrefundable.
  • You may not use any content on VeganLinked.com that you did not create and/or acquire explicit consent to use.
  • Anyone may share listings.

We offer this site as a tool for you to use to promote your services, business, event, or any other type of listing you would like to include on this site. We are not responsible for anything you or anyone else does as a result of using this tool. We assume no legal responsibility at all for this site. You are the only one responsible for your content, the listing, and any legal action that may occur as a result of it.

You understand and accept that we may change these terms at anytime. We may or may not be able to update you on changes, therefore it is your responsibility to review these terms from time to time and every time you edit, update, change, or add a listing or event.

VeganLinked.com is not liable for any legal damages that may result from your listing. You, the listing owner, understand that only you are liable for any legal actions or damages that may result from your listing on VeganLinked.com. By adding or publishing any content to this site you completely agree to all of these terms and conditions and assume all responsibility for the content you publish.


We do not sell your content or personal information. By adding your personal information to VeganLinked you give us permission to contact you about the site. If you want to ensure we contact you about important updates and news please join our mailing list found on most pages and the home page. By giving VeganLinked your personal information (name, email, phone, number, address, etc…) you give us permission to contact you. Even if you are not opted into our mailing list we may still contact you via information that has been added to the site through listings or other forms about changes or any other information we deem necessary.

Security Breaches, Hacks, Spam

While we work to ensure VeganLinked is secure you must be aware that we are not invincible. In the event that we believe VeganLinked content has been compromised we will work to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. We may need to back up the site to a previous state in which case your information may change to that previous state in which case you may need to re-update your listing. We do not guarantee the security of this site. Should your information become vulnerable or acquired by a third party we are not held liable for such occurrences. By adding your content to VeganLinked you agree to such risks and you completely agree to not hold VeganLinked responsible for anything whatsoever that may happen with your information.

Change of Ownership Disclaimer

In the event VeganLinked is sold or changes ownership for any reason you will most likely be under new terms and conditions, standards, and privacy policies. If you want to be informed of such potential changes of ownership you will need to opt into our mailing list. Even if you are not opted into our mailing list we may still contact you via information that has been added to the site through listings or other forms about ownership changes or any other information.

Affiliate Program and Agreement

The affiliate program is a unique way for those paying to list to have a percentage of their payment go to a VeganLinked Affiliate (VLA). Other affiliate programs usually only offer a one time commission payment. The VLA program is unique because it enables affiliates to get an recurring commission from listing payments they are associated with.* You may want to sponsor an affiliate because you believe in their cause like a local sanctuary, an advocate, a life coach, etc. Or you may want to compensate someone for adding your listing. That’s what VLA is all about!

Affiliate Agreement

By becoming an affiliate you agree to all the terms and conditions listed on this page (above and below). You agree to use the affiliate program and website honestly. You will not falsely represent yourself or any listings you may choose to add. Remember, fraud is a criminal offense. You understand that at any time and for any reason we may change the commission rate percentage, end the affiliate program, or remove affiliates. We want to be successful and help others be successful as well. We worked hard and spent a lot of time and money to create this site and program. Our intention is to make it better than the one time commission option we could have used easily by default. While we desire to keep this program going infinitely even if it goes on for years or months it will still be exponentially better than the default one time commission.

Denied Payments

You may view the status of your referrals on your Affiliate Referrals page. If a payment is “denied” this is most likely due to your entering an incorrect PayPal email address. If your payment is denied then we “may” try to contact you to help you resolve this. Therefore it is also important to maintain correct contact information. We are not obligated in any way to contact you however and In most cases we may not try to contact you. In the event that a payment is denied we will most likely remove your association with the listing to prevent issues with our payment process. You will not receive back payments for denials and errors. If we remove the association between your affiliate code and any/all listings then the code will need to be re-entered into the listings by listing owner. The listing will need to be edited. A listing owner may choose to not use an affiliate or choose any affiliate they prefer.

Payment Frequencies

You may receive an email as soon as a listing has been associated with your affiliate code. We try to send payments for the previous month. For example, if you have commissions for listings in the month of May you will not receive those until sometime June or July. As this program matures we will create a more consistent schedule. On the “Affiliate Details” page you can see all your expected referral commissions and payouts.

Choose the Right Affiliate

When choosing an affiliate make sure you really support that affiliate. Ideally it would be someone you know or have met. At least look over their user profile to review their information and any listings they may have. We made this easy for you to do. In the “Add Listing Details” form were you create or edit your listing and select an affiliate select the affiliate you are considering. After selecting the affiliate you will be able to select a link to view their user profile. Or just go to VeganLinked.com/users to find their profile.

Be Smart, Be Safe

While we work to ensure users, listings, and affiliates are legit we obviously cannot have complete control over this. If you are uncertain about an affiliate you do not need to choose one. Please contact us right away anytime you think an affiliate is questionable. Or you may want to contact the affiliate directly to assess their legitimacy. Vegans tend to be compassionate people. But always be safe when contacting and especially meeting someone you don’t know. We want you to be safe be we are not responsible for your safety.

* The current commission rate percentage that an affiliate receives is on the Affiliate section of the FAQ page. The affiliate program may change at anytime. We reserve the right to remove affiliates, change commission rates, and make any changes we deem necessary at anytime. To learn more about affiliate terms or becoming one visit the affiliate section on our “FAQ” page