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1 reviews
  • Ok, I haven’t tried this yet, but I KNOW IT’S GOING TO BE EXCELLENTE!!!!!!! I can’t wait to try and so stoked you’re adding recipes. I have had the honor of eating your food and it was PERFECTION!

    1. xusah mantra Post owner

      thank you! you will totally love this one, especially with the lentils!! its hearty yet light and very satisfying 🙂 beets are so energizing and fun – i love how charged up i feel after a meal like this… thanks for the great new layout on the site this is cool!!

      1. Sweet! Thanks for the feedback. And, I’ve been eating lentils more than ever lately. Just made a red lentil curry last night actually. But, what you have here, I’ll definitely try and give it a go ASAP. This looks way more heart healthy than what I made yesterday lol. And super tasty I bet too!

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