Garlik Vegan Pizza

No Longer with Us

Unfortunately this incredible gem had to close down. But, the AWESOME news is, the owner is now working with Lisa at Sanctuary Brewing where they now have  "Inconceivable Cafe". So be sure to check it out! Visit Sanctuary Brewing here:

Great in So Many Ways!

I really wanted Garlik to be the first vegan place I covered. I was so happy to hear about a new vegan restaurant and a little surprised that it was somewhat off the beaten path. This seemed like a bit of a risky move, starting a vegan pizza place in a seemingly remote location. But, when I got there it was clear she knew exactly what she was doing.

Garlik opened in the beginning of March, 2018. A friend of mine that lives in Hendersonville, NC sent me via text an image of the cover of the Hendersonville Times. The title read "Vegan restaurant opens in Horse Shoe". I contacted them right away, shared this on my facebook advocacy page for Vegan Walk (and, and then shared that on my personal facebook page.

Garlik is over an hour away. I wanted to get there as soon as possible to try it out and help out in any way I can. Two weeks later I was there with my whole family. And wow, this place was so worth the drive!

Since our visit was a bit spontaneous and unannounced I was a little apprehensive about bringing all my gear in there. They had a full house of customers. So, it wasn't likely I was going to get the owner in front of my camera. I eventually got permission to take some pictures. I snapped some pics of our meals, a few of the inside and outside, and two 360 photos for a short virtual tour.

I am very excited to revisit Garlik again soon! The food was absolutely perfect! The restaurant was very cozy and beautiful and the staff were extremely nice. Check out the Virtual Tour, video, and photos we've produced below and visit the Garlik Vegan Pizza listing on VeganLinked!

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