Changing Hearts Farm

A New Animal Sanctuary Coming to Shelby, North Carolina!

I could hardly believe it when a friend told me that an animal sanctuary was starting up in this small, rural city of Shelby, North Carolina of all places. I knew right away I would want to do everything I could to help out.

Some time passed after we first heard about it. But this place remained on our minds nonetheless. Finally we heard about a volunteer opportunity to help prepare for the potential arrival of a new steer.

My whole family went with me. They painted a fence while I dug a handful of post holes for the quarantine area.

This was about a week before I launched VeganLinked. I had my camera with me that Sunday and captured all the video and photos I could while we worked.

It was hard work. But I got used to it quick and found it very enjoyable to be out of my routine comfort zone getting some fresh air and helping great people while exposing my family to a healthy, benevolent adventure. After a long day of work I was anxious to put the video I shot together, upload and share it.

When the founder, Richard Solan saw the video he contacted me and was very grateful. This connection soon blossomed into many more connections, like The Humane League of Charlotte. About the same week I heard about Garlik Pizza and Dining opening. After speaking with the owner of Garlik I started imaging how awesome it would be to help them all with my content develop skills, free of charge. And, even better, to never have to work for a non-vegan (meat, egg, and dairy) business again. Then VeganLinked was born!

So far we have started building Changing Hearts Farm's website, taken some photos, and produced one video. We returned on April 14th to video the arrival of a new abandoned horse they just adopted! We look forward to a long relationship with these great organization. The video below was done the week before VeganLinked was launched. Therefore this video is branded VeganWalk, my advocacy channel and website. The vision is that will eventually help me take VeganWalk to another level as well enable me to continue offering my professional video, photo, website, and virtual tour services free of charge to vegan businesses and events!

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