Charlotte Vegfest Jr. 2018

I don't care who you are, Vegfest is awesome! Tons of delicious food, the most compassionate people you'll ever meet, talent of all types, and all for a great cause. What is the cause? Some may say they are all about the ethics while others may put more emphasis on health. But in the end I think we'll all agree a whole-food, plant based vegan lifestyle is best for everyone and everything!

The types of vendors varied from vegan realtors, vegan soaps, restaurants, food trucks, and food delivery, interesting drinks, desserts, and more. This was just the Vegfest Jr event. I'm really excited about the big Vegfest which at this time is "in September…announcement pending." Be sure to follow them on facebook.

This was my first Vegfest, sort of. I volunteered at one in Asheville a couple years ago. But, I was stuck behind a booth and didn't really get to leave that spot. This was just a Vegfest Jr event but it was nonetheless significant and a lot of fun. I worked pretty much the entire time videoing, photographing, and socializing. But everyone was so enjoyable to be around it didn't feel like work at all.

I was excited to get home and go straight to editing. I left way later than anticipated and the traffic was severe to the point of almost making it take twice as long. So I got home close to midnight. I started cutting nonetheless and by 3:30 am I had two videos cut, rendered, and uploading: Vendors and Stories.

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